Should You Do Duct Cleaning on Your Own?

It might be possible to do DIY duct cleaning. Hands-on homeowners might even want to try it. However, you must also know the consequences. Those ducts can be really dirty and if you don’t do it right, you might not be able to control all the dust and debris flying all over the place.

It makes sense to use the vacuum cleaner to remove debris, but it has to be done properly. Not doing it properly might even damage the ducts. You’ll need to use an extension for the vacuum head. But even so, its reach is going to be limited. If you aren’t careful, the walls of the air duct may be punctured.

The Importance of Duct Cleaning

You will be surprised to know that only about 25% of all indoor pollutants can be traced to sources outside. Indoor pollution comprises the bulk of the things that circulate inside your home and settle in the air ducts. Cooking sprays, for example, make a significant contribution to indoor air emissions. Greasy layers of materials on the coils and ducts will expand when solid particles come into contact with those cooking contaminants. The air stream alone will not remove those materials and professional air duct cleaning is required.

For a lot of homeowners, household mold is a major concern. Most suffer from severe problems with allergies due to mold exposure. Members of your family may feel discomfort. It is recommended that you clean the duct as the mold starts to grow in the HVAC system. Nevertheless, EPA points out that mold is a significant reason why you should consider professional air duct cleaning services.

Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

A breach in the ductwork may provide rodents and insects with easier access to your home. Rats are known to chew into strong materials, and as they use the ducts as a conduit, dander and droppings enter your airstream. A lot of diseases and viruses have been linked to contact with rat droppings. So, make it your priority to promptly remove those residues in your air ducts.

If inadequate airflow is observed around the home, consider the possibility of blockage in the ducts. Check the flow of air in each room to decide whether the problem is universal or isolated. A big blockage might affect your entire house. Nevertheless, a smaller one can only impact a few rooms with insufficient airflow. Dirty coils and filters can cause poor air movement. But if these components are not dirty, then a blockage could be the culprit. Ductwork damage may have occurred, which means that a professional service is necessary.

Air Ducts and Your Home

Your home design affects your duct location. The ducts are installed in such a way it maximizes the flow of air in the entire household. However, debris and dirt can get through the leaks in your duct. If the ducts are in the crawl spaces, you’ll find that the area easily accumulates dirt. Therefore, gaseous substances become a major concern, more so if the leaky ducts are close to a combustion device. Those leaks can create hazardous conditions for the people living in your house. To know more about it, contact the experts in air duct cleaning Dearborn MI.

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