Apple Start to Replace Broken iPad 4 & iPad Air 2

Now Apple begins to replace broken IPads against much newer iPad Air 2. IPad 4 start getting a few years old and is no longer sold by Apple, but it’s not so old that Apple does not provide support for it. Stocks of the looks to be running out, then 9 to 5 Mac now reports that Apple has begun to replace the iPad Air 2 to customers whose entire iPads must be replaced in a support case.

An email sent to the company’s stores confirms that as of March 30, stores can provide customers with an iPad Air 2 instead of a non-existent iPad 4. That means in addition to a faster processor including double as much storage.

If the store or service center has remaining Case 4 in stock given the course, so customers with a broken iPad 4 as thinking about getting it repaired might want to wait until it is certain that they are getting an upgrade.

With an unusually high delivery time, Apple is currently offering the iPad Air 2. A high demand should not be behind it, because the best years of the 9.7-inch tablet are counted with regard to the modern iPad Pro well. The at least now believe some who see a delivery time of two to three weeks as an indication that the end of the iPad Air 2 is imminent.

The presentation of the iPad Air 2 has already been two years and five months back. At that time, as the thinnest tablet praised, it is now with a built-in A8X processor somewhat in the rear encounter. Whether Apple is already pulling the plug in the production, as some now suspect, but is questionable. The iPad 2 was offered for three years as a low-priced entry-level iPad.

On the one hand it is conceivable that Apple makes a silent update, but on the other hand, it could also be a reaction to the current holiday time on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. Against an update speaks that Apple only last September made an adjustment of the capacity. Instead of the previously three versions with 16, 64 and 128 GB flash memory, the iPad Air has only been available in the two variants with 32 GB and 128 GB. Over time, Apple has also lowered the entry price for the iPad Air 2 slightly. It fell from 489 euros (16GB) to 429 euros (32GB).